Egor Povolotskiy boasts a laundry list of achievements and successes, following his tenure in the industry. He received his Master’s degree at MEPHI (Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute) as Artificial Intelligence specialist in early 2008 and then returned to school in 2014 for yet another masters at New York Film Academy. This time for a Master of Fine Arts in Cinematography.

     He was a Photojournalist for ITAR -TASS in Moscow, The Biggest News Agency In Russia, highlighting The Most Important Moments In Russia. He then worked as a celebrity photographer at the Marriot in Russia. As no surprise to anyone, he would later move up the ranks to The Director of Photography in Assembly Line Entertainment, right here  in Los Angeles. Both of those positions streamlined him right into his current position at Black Drone Media, also here in LA as another Director Of Photography.

     Egor’s personal achievements are just as inspiring, including, 3 wins at the Rochester International and Voya Film Festivals plus another 4 nominations for his short film “We Are Enemies”. 7 years of photography including photojournalism, wedding photography, and celebrity portraits.

     A standout cinematographer in a field where only the very best creative minds meet success, Povolotskiy has made a niche for himself as a visionary who can truly adapt to the needs of any director or writer. It is not simply his ability to materialize the conceptual, however, which separates him from his peers, but his ability to turn those concepts into original and distinctly unique productions. His incredible visionary eye turns stories into gripping cinematic experiences, a need which Hollywood is perpetually seeking to fulfill.
     Ironically, Povolotskiy says he doesn’t have an ideal genre. “Every single film is different. It’s all about the story. Dramatic art is happening in each film and it doesn’t matter if it’s comedy, horror or a super-hero movie. I like stories and that is most important for me”.