«We are enemies»: Rochester Film festival 2014, Voya Film Festival 2014 and 4 nominations

«Sabre Dance»: USA film Festival 2015, Rochester Film festival 2015 and 5 nominations

«Camila»: LA short awards 2016

«As We Say Goodbye»: HIMPFF 2016

"Scorpion's Tail": Queen Palm International Festival 2018

"River Runs Red": NOIDENTITY International Action Film Festival"


American Cinematographer magazine Feb 2018 "Rising Stars of Cinematography"

Notable Feature Films

The Latin From Manhattan (drama)                                      Director: Thomas Mignone

Starring: Drea De Matteo, Jesse Metcalf, Michael              Producer: Yulia Safonova

Matsen, Dita Von Tease, Sean West, Taryn Manning,         Doom Inc

Esai Morales, Elizabeth Rodrigues, Rainey Qualley

The Undertaker's Wife (thriller)                                             Director: Chad Darnell

Starring: Shannyn Sossamon, John Brotherton.                  Producer: David Brown

                                                                                                 Clear Horizon Entertainment

Chasing Nightmares (thriller)                                                 Director: Chris McGowan

Starring: Anne Heche, Graham McTavish.                            Producer: David Brown

Infamous Six (thriller/horror).                                                  Director: Anthony Hickox

Starring: Lorena Andrea, Heart Evangelista,                         Producer: MD Young

Armand Assante                                                                       Pop Life Global


City of Kung Fu (comedy/action)                                            Director: Majik Jingwei Zhou

Starring: Chi Ling Chiu, Ka-Yan Leung            


River Runs Red (action/drama)                                               Director: Wes Miller    

Starring    : : John Cusac, George Lopez, Taye Diggs,         Producers: Damiano Tucci, Monti Ross

Luke Hemsworth, RJ Mitte                                                     Sweet unknown


Gold Dust (family/friendship)                                                 Director: David Wall

Starring: Darin Brooks, Chris Romano, David Wysocki        Producer: Rich Cook, Branden Cobb

                                                                                                  Oculi Entertainment


Christmas Crime Story (crime action)                                     Director: Richard Friedman

Starring: Adrian Paul, Eric Close, Mary-Margaret Humes     Producer: Markus Linecker

                                                                                                   Line Producer: Randy Turrow


Culture of Fear (scifi thriller)                                                    Director: Kayla Tabish

Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Steven Bauer                          Producer: Marietta Volynska


Finding Mother (family comedy)                                            Director: Russian Akun

Strring: Azamat Ulanov, Taukel Musilim                                Producer: Marietta Volynska


Bornless Ones (horror)                                                            Director: Alex Babaev

Starring: Margaret Judson, Michael Johnston                     Producer: Marietta Volynska



Notable Short films

As We Say Goodbye (drama)                                                  Director: Jhosimar Vasques

WIND IFF Best Cinematography 2017 (Won)


Tree House Time Machine (family/TV)                                   Director: Alan Ritchson

Starring: Alan Ritchson, Emily Alyn Lind, Steele Stebbins    Allycat Entertainment


Sereoscope (horror)                                                                 Director: Alex Babaev

Top 8 CrypTV Short film


Dinner Guest                                                                            Director: Dale Griffiths Stamos

Starring: Molly Leland, Kenny Johnston,

Julianna Robinson